Indianapolis River Rock & Gravel

Garrity Stone, Inc. is your local source for aggregate products, including gravel, river rock, and sand gravel. Garrity Stone has been an established, family-owned business for more than 50 years, so we have the experience to help you determine the right stone and aggregate in the proper quantities for any project. We provide our gravel, river rock, and other aggregate products throughout Indiana, southern Michigan, and Ohio. Contact Garrity Stone at 317-546-0893 with any questions or come by our Indianapolis location to see our extensive selection of aggregate products, as well as slabs and paving stones in limestone and sandstone.

Pea Gravel Indianapolis Driveway Gravel Indianapolis

Types of Aggregate

Garrity Stone stocks many types of aggregate products for construction and landscaping projects. Most of our aggregate products come from Indiana. Check our inventory for the following products:

  • Pea Gravel
  • Driveway Gravel #8
  • River Rock 5L
  • Oversized River Rock
  • Sand
  • Flume #53
  • Lilac Mountain
  • Missouri Mist
  • Autumn Blend
  • Royal Brassfield #8
  • Royal Brassfield #11

Aggregate comes in pea-sized, tennis-ball-sized, and softball-sized pieces. This makes it a versatile material that can be used in a variety of projects.

Uses for Gravel, River Rock and Sand

Gravel can be used in construction projects, such as under patios for base, to drain water away from houses and prevent drainage problems. It can also be used as driveway gravel and to replace mulch in landscaping projects. Gravel can make a striking accent when used to line paths or fill gaps between stepping-stones. Some people also use pea gravel instead of grass for yards or play areas. This can be particularly useful to those who are allergic to grass.

River rock is naturally occurring round or worn rocks that are found in beaches or streambeds. River rock comes in different colors and is popular in landscaping projects where there is a water feature. River rock can look particularly striking when combined with landscaping rock or as an accent to a retaining wall in the garden.

For quality, double-washed sand for your outdoor needs, come to Garrity Stone, Inc! This sand is of the highest quality and can even be used on a playground as sandbox sand. Sand gravel is a type of sand that is often used for masonry projects and has even been used for cushion above an in ground pool. When you choose sand gravel for your next project in Indianapolis, make sure that you’re choosing the cleanest and safest option around – contact us at 317-546-0893.

You can trust Garrity Stone to offer you the utmost in customer service. We will walk you through your project from start to finish. After you’ve chosen your gravel, river rock, or sand gravel, rest assured we can help you get it back to your location. We offer two delivery options (call for pricing) statewide in Indiana.

After you’ve chosen your gravel and river rock, don’t forget any other stone materials you may need to complete your projects, such as spikes, snap edge, and gator dust. Get started on your next landscaping project today by stopping by our convenient location in northeast Indianapolis or contact us at 317-546-0893.