When creating a functional, beautiful outdoor space in Indianapolis, natural stone is an ideal choice, and Garrity Stone, Inc. is the place to find it. With a 4-acre lot filled with stone, we have everything from basic stone steps to majestic boulders and everything in between. Call us today at (317) 546-0893 or stop by today with any questions, and our helpful team will be there to assist you.

Stone Slab Indianapolis
Stone Steps Indianapolis

Whether you want a standout focal point or a soothing winding path of river rock, you’ll be delighted with Garrity Stone’s selection. We also offer free quotes and consultations, another way our third-generation, family-owned business serves customers.

Snap Stone Steps

When uniformity is important to you, consider Garrity Stone’s snap stone steps. This product will create an orderly look that many Indiana gardeners like. Stagger them up a hill for an easy climb.

Creative Uses for a Stone Slab

Sloping yards and gardens don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It turns out that creativity + stone slab = a lovely terraced garden filled with all the beautiful flowers you’ve always wanted. Our slabs are available with one straight side in varying widths and irregular shapes and sizes. Mix and match and play around with the shape. The beauty is that they don’t all have to be the same.

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Other Fishers families are using slabs to build garden walls or retaining walls. Esthetically pleasing, oversized slabs can be used as a bridge over a water feature, or as a rustic walkway from garden to house. Plant creeping herbs like thyme between the stones for a fragrant addition. Choose from the following types of slab products for your residential and commercial projects:

  • Napoleon White Steppers: 3-4″ thick 18×18 – 36×48 irregular size pieces – white to grey in color
  • Napoleon White Steps: Irregular Hammer Broke 5-6″ thick – 24×36 – 48×60 irregular size pieces – white to grey in color
  • Oklahoma Brown Steppers: 3-4″ thick 24×24 – 48×60 irregular size pieces – brown earth tone in color
  • Oklahoma Blue Steppers: 3-4″ thick 24×24 – 48×60 irregular size pieces – blue grey in color
  • Oklahoma Brown Steps: Irregular Hammer Broke 5-8″ thick – 24×36 – 48×60 irregular size pieces – brown earth tone in color
  • Oklahoma Brown Snapped Steps: 5-8″ thick – 18×36 – 18×48 – brown earth tone in color

At Garrity Stone, we’re focused on making sure you get the right product for the right job. Our goal isn’t to sell you the most expensive stone slab on the lot. We are confident in our quality products, and that they are set at a price that fits the budget. We offer one of the most flexible delivery policies: We’ll load it into your truck or SUV or we’ll set up a delivery date. You decide. Most of our products are palletized and ready to go, including flagstone and limestone.

We are proud to be your Indianapolis supplier of natural stone. Contact us today at (317) 546-0893 to learn more about us or schedule a delivery time for your stone steps. Already a customer? Please write a review to let others know how we did.