Terms & Conditions

Please note that all sales are subject to our Terms & Conditions:

Pricing: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Returns: Returns must be made within 15 days of invoice date and are subject to approval by an officer of Garrity Stone, Inc. There will be a 40% restocking fee applied to any and all returned products. Damaged stone cannot be returned. Special order stone is subject to a non-negotiable, non-refundable 50% deposit prior to order placement. No returns on special order materials. Cut Indiana limestone is considered a special order material. Under no circumstances can bagged materials be returned.

Payment: All discrepancies in an invoice must be addressed within 5 days of the date on the invoice. There will be a $40 return check fee applied to any and all returned checks. Payment is due at the time of pickup or delivery.

Delivery: If issues arise after or during delivery, the customer is responsible for all associated costs in picking up and delivery of new materials. If we deliver the material, we will make an effort to put materials where instructed. If no one is present/on-site at the time of delivery, our driver is instructed to make the best decision possible for both parties involved (Garrity Stone, Inc. and the customer). We will not be held responsible for damage to sidewalks, grass, landscaping, utilities, irrigation equipment, driveways, or concrete slabs caused by delivery of materials.

Materials: We do our best to accommodate sizing and the customer accepts the material once it leaves the yard if the order is placed strictly from the website, email, or phone call without coming in and taking a look in person. We are not responsible for any and all differences in the materials as they are natural stone occurring in nature and affected by elements beyond our control.

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