Indianapolis Flagstone – Paving Stones

Garrity Stone, Inc. knows that one of the best ways to celebrate the outdoor entertaining season is with a new flagstone patio. You’ll find an extensive selection of paving stones at our Indianapolis location. We carry natural stone from the United States and Canada. We also specialize in native Indiana stone, such as limestone. Contact us at 317-546-0893 or stop by our convenient location in northeast Indianapolis for information on using paving stones in your project.

Flagstone Paving Stones Indianapolis


Flagstone is a type of stone that ranges from 3/4″ to less than 4″ wide. It fits a wide variety of applications for both residential and commercial use. Stone pavers, for example, make stylish patios and walkways. In addition to their esthetic appeal, stone pavers are much stronger than concrete and can take fluctuations in temperature without cracking. This is because paving stones are set in sand with a stone base and not mortar like brick is. In fact, stone pavers are so flexible that they often even withstand the effects of earthquakes without cracking. In the event that a flagstone stone paver does crack, it can easily and inexpensively be replaced.

Paving stones nicely complement other types of stone. If you have created a retaining wall in your garden, a flagstone walkway or patio would be a stylish addition.

In addition to flagstone patios, flagstone can be used in numerous other indoor and outdoor projects including the following:

  • Walkways
  • Stepping Stones
  • Ponds
  • Signs
  • Outdoor and Indoor Countertops

A flagstone countertop is a stunning addition to an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners can choose to stay with the rustic look by not sealing the countertop. For a more polished, upscale look, homeowners can finish the countertop with a sealer. The wise homeowner knows that using natural stone in your landscaping will only enhance the appeal and value of your home.

Garrity Stone stocks several types of flagstone, which will all add a distinctive look to your projects. Look for the following flagstone paving stones:

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone Pattern
  • Pennsylvania Irregular Lilac
  • Pennsylvania Irregular Full Color
  • Oklahoma Flagstone
  • Pennsylvania Blue Stone Paver

Garrity Stone is located in Indianapolis, but offers services to residential, commercial, municipal, and wholesale clients in Indiana, southern Michigan, and Ohio. While you’re purchasing paving stones, be sure to pick up gravel, spikes, poly sand, landscaping rocks, and any other of our stone building materials you’ll need to complete your project. We offer two statewide delivery options in Indiana (call for pricing), or you can take your purchased materials with you. Get started on your next flagstone patio or other building project today. Contact us at 317-546-0893 or stop by our convenient Indianapolis location.