10 Tips for Using Boulders in Your Landscape – Part 1

Landscape boulders create a natural focal point for your landscape. Whether you are looking for a 2-ton boulder to set in a landscape bed or small boulders to fill in around your house, Garrity Stone, Inc. has what you need. Are you uncertain of how to best incorporate boulders into your landscape? Here are 10 tips to help you most effectively incorporate boulders into your landscape.

Tips for Using Boulders in Your Landscape

1. Bigger Is Better

Boulders look larger on the lot than they will in the yard. Rather than allowing your new statement piece to be dwarfed by your lawn, we recommend choosing a boulder that looks too big. More often than not, it will be the perfect size when you get it home.

2. Bury It

In nature, boulders are partially buried and nested deep into the soil. Go for a similar look in your lawn by placing your boulders a few inches below the surface of the ground.

3. Variable Arrangement

Similarly, clusters of boulders found in nature are never perfectly arranged. When placing boulders in your landscape, be sure to arrange them in a variety of positions and angles to create a natural look.

4. Groups of 3

As with most landscaping elements, a single boulder looks out of place. Typically, placing boulders in groups of three creates the most aesthetic appeal.

5. Shop Local

If you want your boulders to fit in with their surroundings, it’s best to buy boulders sourced from Indiana and the surrounding areas. Stones quarried out west or down south will have a different look than stones quarried nearby. At Garrity Stone, we offer a variety of locally sourced boulders, allowing you to choose a color that fits in well with your landscape.

Stop By

The best way to pick out boulders or other stone materials for your landscape is in person. Stop by Garrity Stone in Fishers, IN, to find the perfect stone for your landscape. In addition to boulders, we also carry flagstone, stone steps and slabs, gravel, limestone, and much more. For more information, contact us online or call (317) 546-0893 today.