10 Tips for Using Boulders in Your Landscape – Part 2

Do you want your landscaping to have a distinguished appeal? Garrity Stone, Inc. in Fishers, IN, offers a wide selection of landscape boulders that will accomplish just that. Regardless of the size, shape, or color you are looking for, we are sure to have the perfect stone to meet your needs. Continue reading (and see our previous post) for 10 tips on how to most effectively incorporate boulders into your landscape. 

Landscape Boulders

6. Combine Boulders with Man-Made Elements

Man-made elements can look harsh and out of place if not properly incorporated into your landscape. If your sidewalks, driveway, or patio are made of concrete or pavers, consider edging them with boulders. This softens their edges and creates a more natural appeal.

7. Use a Base of Gravel and Concrete to Prevent Settling

If it is important that your boulders stay put, create a bed of gravel and concrete prior to placing the boulders. This will prevent even the heaviest of stones from settling or shifting over time. Keeping your boulders in place is especially important if they are integrated with a paved surface or if positioning of a focal piece is important.

8. Looking Old is the Goal

When placing a boulder, it should look as if it has always been there. To make your boulder look like an original fixture, consider growing moss or other plants over the top of the stone. Likewise, incorporate other landscape fixtures around or on top of the boulder; this makes it appear as if the stone was there long before the landscaping.

9. Showcase the Natural Shape of the Stone

Each boulder has a unique face and shape. Look at the features of the stone, and then place it in such a way so as to showcase its natural beauty. Similarly, think about the style of your landscape before placing a boulder. In a flowing, natural setting, boulders should be laid down. In a more dramatic setting, however, standing a boulder upright makes a bold statement.

10. Light Them Up

If boulders are an important focal point for your lawn during the day, showcase them at nighttime as well. Backlights and soft spotlights create a warm glow that draw the eye.

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