3 Unique Ways to Use Boulders in Your Outdoor Space

Spring is here, and Indiana warm weather can’t be far behind. It’s the perfect time to update your landscaping so that you can enjoy it all summer long. This year, instead of just laying new mulch and planting a few new flowers, why not create a beautiful space that sets your house apart from your friends and neighbors? To make a statement with your landscaping this year, check out this list of ways to use landscaping boulders and large natural stone slabs from the stone experts at Garrity Stone, Inc. to create unique features for your home’s exterior.

    1. Add a Custom Address Plaque to a Rock Face

Boulders Indianapolis

A custom address plaque is a great way to make your address visible from the road and look beautiful at the same time. Using a boulder arrangement in your front lawn landscaping can give you the perfect canvas to display your address plaque or other personalized entrance markers. Not only is this practical, it also stands out from your neighbors and makes a statement.

    1. Create a Water Feature Using Boulders

Water features give your outdoor space a sense of peace and tranquility that everyone can enjoy throughout the warmer months. Boulder fountains are a simple and low maintenance way to give your backyard that mountain-like feel that everyone loves.

    1. Use Natural Stone Slabs and Boulders to Create Rustic Outdoor Seating

Who needs regular, run of the mill patio furniture when you can build something spectacular and one-of-a-kind with the help of Garrity Stone, Inc.? Your flagstone patio and stone fire pit will be perfectly accented with a border of unique boulder and natural stone bench seating.

If any of these ideas speak to you or you are interested in learning more, stop in or contact us today at (317) 546-0893. Let the experts at Garrity Stone, Inc. help you make a statement with your outdoor space this spring!