Add a Touch of Distinction to Your Home with Natural Stone

Natural stone products add a touch of distinction you won’t find anywhere else. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we have everything you need to make your Indianapolis area home stand out. For quality products and great customer service, stop by our four-acre lot today.

Hardscaping Materials

Materials and Projects

Garrity Stone is a one-stop shop for landscaping rock and stone materials. We carry everything from boulders to pavers to gravel. No matter the project, we’ll help you find the right material. 

Building Stone

Adding a stone veneer to your home will create a look of natural elegance. Products such as our Napoleon White Rubble or Oklahoma Brown Rubble can be used to veneer the side of your home or even edge your landscaping. Either way, our building stone will add a natural, distinguished touch to your home and landscape.


In addition to building stone, flagstone is also a common choice for landscaping projects. If you want to create a unique, natural walkway or patio, flagstone is a great option. With its irregular shape and variable coloration, you can create a beautiful, earthy mosaic that is completely unique. Looking for a one-of-a-kind countertop for your outdoor kitchen? Flagstone will allow you to create a pattern and look that is unlike any other.


To make a bold statement with your landscaping, consider purchasing a boulder. Some of our largest boulders weigh several thousand pounds and serve as a natural focal point for mounds and gardens. Our boulders range in size from five pounds to two tons, and are available in shades of pink, blue, brown, red, tan, and white to complement your home’s color palette. Engrave them, create a fountain, or fill your landscape with them: regardless of how you use them, boulders are a great choice.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are attractive and incredibly useful. They serve to divert runoff, create level areas for gardens and patios, and, with the addition of steps, add easy access to sloped lawns. Homeowners can choose from uniform, smooth wall stones for a clean look or irregular stones for a rustic appeal.


The best way to pick out your landscaping stones is to stop by our lot in Indianapolis. We will help you select the right material for the job, and will gladly recommend a reputable contractor if needed. We also deliver throughout Indiana. To place an order or arrange for delivery, contact us today at (317) 546-0893