Cheers to an Indoor Bar

Trying to create the ultimate ambiance for entertaining in your Indianapolis home? If you already own a large, flat-screen TV, then building a fully stocked bar is the next step.

Many people put a bar in their finished basements. It’s the perfect addition to the pool table or home theater. Better yet, it adds interest. Guests love mixing up a cocktail or seeing the selection of beer on tap.

Customize the Bar

Whether you prefer rustic and simple or contemporary and posh, the design and appearance of the bar should be an extension of your personal style. Consider the following factors:

  • Material: For a rustic appeal, use flagstone for the countertop. For a luxurious ambiance, choose a rock such as limestone, marble, or granite.
  • Size: From simple minibars to extravagant, invite-everyone designs, the bar size will often depend on how much space you have.
  • Shape: Want a traditional rectangular countertop? Or is it time to make a statement, like this barrel bar?

Finally, consider the bar’s purpose. A bar used primarily to cheer on the Indianapolis Colts every Sunday over beers will look differently (and have different alcohol) than a bar designed to host ladies’ night.

Where to Buy Bar Stone?

Located in Indianapolis, Garrity Stone, Inc. can provide the perfect stone top to any bar. Our selection of Indiana limestone from Bedford is especially popular. Many people also choose flagstone for outdoor bars. If you want to add some rock detailing on the side of the bar, we also have several types of river rocks and unique stone pavers.

As a family-owned and –operated business that’s been serving Indiana for over 60 years, we look forward to meeting your needs, as well. Call 317-546-0893 to speak with us or to make an order.