Consider Limestone For Your Summer Home Project

Limestone is indigenous to Indiana and can add a modern touch to your outdoor project. In fact, renowned Indiana limestone was used in the construction of many famous landmarks including The Pentagon, Lincoln Memorial, the Empire State Building, and Grand Central Station. At Garrity Stone, Inc., our wide selection of natural stone products can aid your own outdoor project, making your yard stand out for all the right reasons. Limestone is a great choice for a variety of applications around your home, and here are just a few ways you can incorporate it into your home projects this summer.

Limestone Steps

Limestone Steps

Garrity Stone, Inc. has the stone available to create custom limestone steps. This would be an excellent choice for steps around a porch, in a sloped garden, along a retaining wall, and more. If you have steps in mind for any projects, come and see our limestone.

Limestone Door Surround

Whether you live in an old home that you want to restore or would like to add a uniquely elegant touch to your modern home, consider limestone for your door surround. There’s no better way to add character to the front entrance of your home!

Limestone Pavers

Perhaps you would like a paver walkway through your garden, or to connect one hardscaping element to another. Or, maybe you would like to construct an entire patio. Whatever you have in mind, limestone is an attractive and durable choice.

Crushed Limestone Driveway

If you like the look of a gravel driveway or simply need to have yours redone, Garrity Stone, Inc. offers crushed limestone. Available in different sizes to suit your particular needs, this stone is durable and can withstand the elements.

Limestone Coping

When you need a protective cap around the top of your retaining wall, limestone is a popular choice. Whether you have a retaining wall or a brick wall, come and visit our four-acre lot to see what we have available.

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