Could You Use a Retaining Wall?

Is your yard looking a little chaotic? While regularly mowing and planting flowers certainly help improve its appearance, these things alone won’t give your yard instant curb appeal. Just like every room in your home needs to be organized, so does your yard. Strategically building retaining walls on your property is a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to give your yard a polished look.

A retaining wall serves two primary purposes: (1) keeping elements in place and (2) decorating your yard.

Slope Support

Is your yard going downhill — literally? If you live on a hill, a steep drop-off, or uneven ground, you might struggle with erosion. Slopes make it nearly impossible to keep plants, soil, and mulch in place. It’s an uphill battle against gravity, and a retaining wall is the key to victory.

These special walls are built into the sides of the hill to combat the erosion. They help level the ground, providing the structure and support to keep everything in place.

A Decorative Touch

Many people still utilize retaining walls even if their yards are level. Building a short wall around a flower bed, tree, or raised garden draws the eye to that feature and gives it a polished, refined look. It accomplishes the same end as adding a frame to a painting does.

Better yet, you have options. These structures can be made out of a variety of wall stone options, including limestone, granite, or a patterned collection of other stones. Make it a level, monochromatic wall, or add different colors and heights to make a statement.

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