Create a Custom Flagstone Pathway in 5 Simple Steps

Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful yard with an appealing entryway. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we have been helping customers beautify their homes with natural stone products since 1964. One of the most practical, affordable, and timeless additions that homeowners can make is a flagstone pathway. Adding curb appeal and functionality to your yard is just 5 simple steps away.

flagstone pathway

1. Select the Perfect Stone

Laying stone is an art form, and so is selecting the perfect stone. We carry an assortment of flagstone pavers including, but not limited to, Pennsylvania Pattern, Pennsylvania Lilac Irregular, and Oklahoma Brown Flagstone. As the customer, you have the final choice in the color, size, and thickness of flagstone you want to use, making your new walkway as unique as you are.

2. Gather Your Tools

Before breaking ground, make sure you have the proper tools for the job. Safety is always a priority, so wear protective eyewear when cutting the stone. You will also need line-marking tape to outline your pathway, and a square-edged spade shovel. Additionally, you will need a baby sledge hammer, a brick set, a tamper, a weed barrier, coarse sand, and crushed limestone or pea gravel.

3. Prepare the Base

Every walkway needs a solid foundation. Mark the outline of your pathway with line-marking paint, then remove the soil within that space to a depth of six inches. Tamp the soil to create a solid level base, line it with weed barrier, and fill the pathway with coarse sand to make the pathway level with the ground.

4. Lay the Stones

Now you are ready to lay your stones. This part of the job requires creativity, allowing you to decide on the best configuration. If you need to cut a paver, use a brick set to score the stone, then break it off with a baby sledge hammer. Once you have arranged your stones, push the flagstone pavers down into the sand. Finish your walkway by filling the cracks with crushed limestone or pea gravel.

5. Call Today

At Garrity Stone, we will help you select the perfect stone for any project. We have one of the largest varieties of stone products in Indiana. We will also point you in the direction of a professional contractor if DIY projects aren’t your cup of tea. Contact us today at (317) 546-0893 for a free quote. Our products are palletized and ready for pickup, making your vision move toward reality with a single phone call.