DIY Gravel Driveway Installation in 8 Simple Steps

A simple way to improve your home’s resale value and curb appeal is to add a gravel driveway. Garrity Stone, Inc. in Indianapolis will help you find the right stone materials for the job and can deliver them to your doorstep. For a simple DIY gravel driveway installation, follow these 8 steps.

DIY Gravel Driveway Installation 

1. Mark Out the Path of the Driveway

First, decide where the driveway will be placed. Mark out the perimeter of the path with landscape stakes and string.

2. Clear Grass and Topsoil

Next, clear away grass and topsoil from the path of the driveway. Depending upon the size of your path, you may want to have your driveway professionally excavated to save time and energy.

3. Calculate Amount of Gravel Needed

To estimate the amount of gravel needed, multiply the height, length, and depth of the driveway to give the cubic feet needed. Then, convert this number to cubic yards (divide cubic feet by 27). At this point, we can help you determine how many tons of gravel you will need based upon the specific stones chosen.

4. Schedule Gravel Delivery

When you’re ready to pick up or arrange for your gravel delivery, simply call us at (317) 546-0893

5. Level the Path of the Driveway

Before the first layer of gravel is delivered, level the path of the driveway. You can do this by hand or with a backhoe. Also, we recommend laying down a weed barrier to prevent grass from growing through your driveway.

6. Spread and Compact the Base Layer

We recommend using #4 crushed limestone for the base layer. This stone must be compacted and pressed into the soil to create a solid foundation. We recommend using a bulldozer or heavy truck to accomplish this.

7. Spread Middle Layer of Gravel

Next, spread the second layer of gravel. We recommend using #53 crushed limestone for this layer as it compacts well while allowing water to drain. 

8. Spread and Smooth Top Layer

Lastly, spread and smooth the final layer of gravel. Most of our customers prefer to use #8 crushed limestone, but you could also use river rock or pea gravel.

Place an Order

To place an order and arrange for pick-up or delivery, contact us today at (317) 546-0893. We have everything you need to construct your home’s gravel driveway. We also stock a variety of wall stones if you wish to construct a retaining wall along your driveway. To pick out your stone, come peruse our four-acre lot.