Flagstone Is Versatile, Durable, and Perfect for Your Next Outdoor Project!

Flagstone is one of the most versatile natural stone products available. The flat, irregular shape of the stones creates visual interest, while the stone itself is easy to work with. Not sure which product is best for your next project? The experienced team at Garrity Stone, Inc. will gladly help you sort through our wide variety of flagstone pavers and select the right material for the job.

Flagstone Pathway

Benefits of Flagstone

Flagstone is well suited for landscaping for several reasons:

  1. Flexibility – Flagstone pavers come in many shapes, sizes, and hues. As such, these pavers allow you to create a completely unique (yet totally natural) design with every project.
  2. Durability – If durability and ease of care are at the top of your list, flagstone is the right material for you. This natural stone product is virtually impervious to heat and cold, rarely cracks, and has been known to survive earthquakes!
  3. Natural – Hardscaping with natural stone creates a visual appeal that cannot be replicated with man-made materials. The hues and textures of flagstone blend well with most design schemes. 

Project Ideas

When it comes to flagstone, the sky is the limit! Some of the most common uses include:

  1. Patios – Patios are a useful, attractive addition to any home. Flagstone pavers can be set in cement for a permanent, long-lasting floor or laid in a bed of sand and filled with stone. Either way, the end result is a beautiful, unique patio that increases your home’s value and living space.
  2. Walkways/Paths – Flagstone is also ideal for use in sidewalks and pathways. Whether you prefer a tight uniform look or a unique pattern, you have complete creative control over the end result.
  3. Steps – If you have a sloped yard or garden, consider creating flagstone steps. Our pavers are easy to install and make scaling the garden much simpler. 
  4. Retaining Walls – Similarly, flagstone retaining walls are an attractive means of controlling runoff, creating flat areas for a patio or garden, and creating a structured area for steps and walkways.
  5. Firepits – Want to hide your ugly firepit? Flagstone is easy to apply and creates a natural, long-lasting veneer.

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Adding a flagstone feature to your landscaping is relatively inexpensive and creates lasting value for your home. For help planning your next project, contact Garrity Stone at (317) 546-0893. We will help you find the right product for the job. Plus, we deliver in Fishers, Indianapolis, and throughout Indiana.