4 Creative Uses for Flagstone in Your Landscape

Flagstone is a versatile material that can be used for multiple applications around your property, making it a popular choice for homeowners. Not only is it stronger than concrete, but it’s available in various colors to match your aesthetic. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we have a four-acre lot full of stone options, including flagstone, for you to browse as you plan your next home project. Before you start mapping out your exterior spaces for spring, let’s explore four different ways that you can use flagstone in your landscape.


1. Flagstone Patio

If this is the year that you want to install a patio in your backyard, flagstone makes an excellent choice of material. This durable stone can tolerate temperature fluctuations and often even survives earthquakes! Besides the fact that flagstone can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it’s also aesthetically appealing.

2. Flagstone Walkways

Imagine a beautiful stone walkway leading from your patio to your flower garden or pathways connecting your raised bed vegetable gardens. If you want to make your vision a reality and creatively connect the landscaping and hardscaping elements around your property, flagstone would be an ideal choice.

3. Flagstone Steps

If your backyard is sloped, you could use flagstone to create steps from one elevation to another. Or, you could create flagstone stepping stones through your garden to provide a place to walk as you care for your plants. You could even plant creeping herbs between the stepping stones for a unique and fragrant touch.

4. Flagstone Retaining Wall

Another solution for a backyard slope is a retaining wall, which can secure your yard and any loose soil. Even if you don’t have a sloped yard, a retaining wall can be a beautiful focal point or feature in your landscaping. We have many quality stone options that you can choose from, including flagstone.

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