Gravel Fire Ring

Nothing says summer quite like the smell of marshmallows roasting over a bonfire. A fun gathering spot for cooler Indianapolis summer nights, a bonfire can be the perfect addition to your backyard. Using quality stone products from Garrity Stone, you can create a fireproof location for your bonfire. This tutorial will explain how to build a fire pit in one weekend and just in time for summer.

Safety is an important issue to consider when building a fire pit. A fire ring is one of the safest options for bonfires because it is flush with the dirt ground and the flames are controlled within the confines of the circular ring. Having gravel around the stones of your fire ring, instead of grass, adds an additional layer of safety.

Choose a Location

First choose where you would like the fire pit to go. A bonfire can be a lot of fun, but you want to make sure you choose a safe location for this activity. The fire ring should be paced a safe distance from trees, shrubs, or other flammable objects.

The ground should also be relatively flat in the location you choose to ensure level construction. To make the fire ring, use paving stones and arrange them in a tight circle. 15-17 stones will make a medium sized fire ring. Secure your base layer firmly on the ground. Using a spirit level lay the stones as level as possible. Depending on the thickness of your stones you will want to build 3-5 levels on top of the base layer.

After you choose the location of your fire pit you’ll want to lay a border. You can lay a plastic line or be a bit more decorative with stones. This border will act as a boundary between the yard and fire pit area. This border will later be filled in with gravel so make it as big or as small as you’d like. Many people choose a corner of their yard and mark it off. You can even create a pathway from your house to the fire ring. Next, you’ll want to cover the area with herbicide and lay a plastic weed barrier inside the border you’ve created.

Remodel with Gravel

After you lay the plastic weed barrier, you’ll be covering it with gravel. The main advantage of gravel is safety. Laying gravel is a quick and inexpensive way to make the ground surrounding around your fire ring safe. We recommend pea gravel, as it creates a fire-resistant base for your fire ring. Pea gravel is a versatile landscaping accent to many outdoor projects and creates a rustic feel. Add chairs and you’ve got the perfect location for summer gatherings and regular bonfires! Find paving stones, pea gravel, and other quality stone products such as retaining walls, flagstone, boulders, and limestone to complete all your home improvement projects this summer at your Indianapolis stone provider, Garrity Stone at 317-546-0893.