Hand-Select the Perfect Natural Stone Products for Your Next Project

For natural stone products near Indianapolis, look no further than Garrity Stone, Inc. We have proudly served our community since 1964. Our years of experience in the industry have created a reputation for quality, honesty, and affordability that cannot be beat. Come check out our inventory and plan for your next natural stone project today.

Garrity Stone Project Ideas

Building Stone

Natural stone is a classic, durable addition to any home. Some of our natural stone products, including our Napoleon White Rubble and Oklahoma Brown Rubble, make great choices for home exterior cladding. These building stones can be used to veneer the side of your home, porch, entryway, support columns, foundation, and more. Incorporating building stone into your home’s exterior truly adds a touch of distinction. 


Homeowners love the versatility of flagstone. Flagstone pavers are one of the most durable stones in existence and provide a unique aesthetic appeal. They can be used in a variety of projects including walkways, stepping stones, ponds, patios, retaining walls, waterfalls, and fireplace mantles. 


Create a focal point for your home’s landscape by adding boulders. Boulders come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can easily match them to your existing landscape rock. We stock boulders in sizes from 5 pounds to 2 tons so you can achieve a dramatic look that suits your taste.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are highly functional and attractive, making them a beautiful addition to any landscape. They help tame sloping yards, and create flat areas for entertaining and gardening. Limestone, sandstone, and granite are all good choices for constructing a retaining wall. Our team at Garrity Stone is happy to consult with you to help you construct a sturdy, attractive wall with the right stone for the job.

Stop By the Shop

To learn more about our products and receive a free consultation on project ideas, contact Garrity Stone today at (317) 546-0893. We recommend perusing our 4-acre lot to find the right stones for your project. In addition to our natural stone products, we also carry everything else you’ll need when working with landscaping rock, including aggregates and other rock materials. We look forward to serving you!