How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

No matter what you have going on inside, your home’s exterior speaks volumes about you and your property. If your gutters are getting saggy and the weeds have taken over, maybe it’s time for you to spend a few weekends improving the curb appeal of your Indiana home.

stone slabs

1. Tackle spring cleaning.

Your first order of business should be to tackle some serious clean-up. Make sure your lawn, landscaping, and porch are free of unnecessary items, and remember that too many decorative items often tend to clutter—only taking away from your home’s beauty.

2. Whack back the weeds and shrubs.

You will want to spruce up your landscaping, but first get rid of all the weeds that have taken over. You’ll also want to trim all the bushes and trees so that everything has a tidy, fresh start. We also recommend that you find a quality mulch to help keep weeds at bay and enhance your landscaping’s aesthetics.

3. Infuse color with fresh flowers.

You’ll be amazed at how some well-placed perennials can add a fresh, lively look to your home. Flowers let a passerby know that someone cares about that home and takes pride in its upkeep. Plus, you’ll enjoy looking at them throughout the spring and summer months.

4. Use natural stone to enhance your landscaping.

If your landscaping doesn’t have an existing retaining wall, add natural stone to take your flowerbeds to the next level. You can find various types of limestone, flagstone, or other rock materials to create a border. You may also decide to include stone slabs as steps or for a walking path to your front door.

These few tips can help enhance your home’s curb appeal without major construction or renovations. For quality stone products for your outdoor projects, contact Garrity Stone at (317) 546-0893, or stop by our Indianapolis location. Garrity Stone, Inc. will be glad to help you find just the products you need to amp up your home’s aesthetics.

photo credit: juSt likE thAt via photopin (license)