Landscaping with Natural Stone Adds Function and Beauty to Your Lawn

Spring is the perfect time of year to revamp your landscaping. Before the weeds take hold and you have to work around fresh blooms, consider adding natural stone into your landscaping. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we have all of the landscaping rock and stone materials you’ll need to give your home a touch of distinction. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate stone into your landscaping.

Landscaping with Natural Stone

Hardscaping: The Natural Alternative

If your landscaping looks a little drab or run down, adding a natural stone border is a great solution. Hardscaping with stone creates a natural sense of definition and structure that perfectly accents your plants. And, because it is a natural product, rock hardscaping does not require maintenance.

Think Big: Add Boulders

In addition to hardscaping, natural stone also is effective as a statement piece. Boulders, for example, are a great way to add some “Wow!” factor to your lawn. We stock boulders in sizes from 5 pounds to 2 tons, and in shades of pink, blue, brown, red, tan, and white. Incorporating boulders into planting beds, water features, patios, and retaining walls creates a dramatic look that cannot be achieved with man-made products. 

Add a Retaining Wall for Function and Style

To add functionality to a sloped lawn, a retaining wall is a must. Retaining walls are functional in that they divert water, prevent soil erosion, and create a flat surface on an otherwise sloped landscape. But they also are beautiful! Our team at Garrity Stone will help you select the right product for the job, so you can achieve beauty and function at the best price. 

Stone Steps and Walkways 

After adding a retaining wall, you may find that adding stone steps and a walkway are a natural addition to your lawn. Steps and walkways make the ascent up a sloped lawn both attractive and easy. Whether you prefer to use uniform snap stone steps or variegated flagstone pavers, we have the right products for the job.

Buy Local for Quality and Expertise

Our team at Garrity Stone has been the premier provider of natural stone products to the Indianapolis area since 1964. We are committed to providing quality products at the best prices. To upgrade your home’s landscaping, check out our 4-acre lot of natural stone, aggregates, and other rock materialsContact us today at (317) 546-0893 for more information about our extensive inventory and convenient delivery options.