Natural Stone Pavers Are the Gold Standard of Paving Material

Using top-quality products and materials adds value to your home. Thus, when it’s time to create a walkway, patio, or other hardscape feature in your lawn, opt for natural stone. With four acres of natural stone materials to choose from, the team at Garrity Stone Inc. will help you hand-select the perfect stone for the job. 

Natural Stone Pavers Are the Gold Standard of Paving Material

Natural Stone Patio

Hardscaping with natural stone increases the value and visual appeal of your home. Some of the most popular stone patio materials include flagstone, slate, bluestone, and limestone. Each of these natural stone materials is quarried from the earth and has a unique shade, pattern, and texture. For homeowners who value individuality, this is a major benefit. Furthermore, natural stone is incredibly durable; flagstone pavers have been known to survive earthquakes! Natural stone is resistant to staining and fading. Thus, homeowners never have to seal natural stone surfaces to maintain their appearance.

Concrete Pavers

Natural stone pavers are considered the gold standard of paving material. Still, some people opt for concrete pavers because they are more affordable. While concrete pavers are often molded and dyed to mimic the appearance of brick or stone, they don’t have the same earthy appearance as real stone. Similarly, because they are manmade, concrete pavers tend to have a more uniform appearance. And while they are quite strong, concrete pavers are not as durable as natural stone and require annual sealing to prevent fading, staining, and chipping.

Selecting the Right Stone

Garrity Stone has been supplying 100% natural stone materials to Indianapolis and the surrounding Indiana communities since 1964. We are committed to providing our clients with premium stone products. As such, we never deal in manmade materials. Furthermore, we help our customers select the best materials for the job and will even help you calculate how much to buy! For more information about our products, contact us today at (317) 546-0893 or stop by our location in Fishers to peruse our inventory.