Pathways Upgrade Outdoor Ambiance

If you want to transform your Indiana yard from mediocre to marvelous, building pathways is the perfect place to start. Outdoor paths create interest and structure in any lawn.

People are naturally curious about where paths go. Whether you have a pathway that leads to a simple backyard bench or to a hidden-garden sanctuary, the trail invites family and guests to explore the yard. Moreover, pathways informally add structure. They connect elements in your yard (the deck to the trellis, for example) and also add diversity and texture to a sea of green grass.

Outdoor Pathways 101

If you’re not sure what kind of pathway to build, Billy Goodnick’s article, “How to Pick the Right Floor for Your Garden Room,” has some helpful tips. This article was featured on, a website about home remodeling and decor.

Below are some factors that Goodnick says to consider when choosing your materials:

  • Atmosphere: Gravel, mulch, and other aggregate materials are inexpensive ways to create a casual walkway. For a more formal and structured space, use paving stones such as flagstone and limestone. You can also use brick, wood, or other materials.
  • Cost: With options ranging from gravel to marble and everything in between, your pathway can be as cheap or as costly as you want it to be. Determining what your budget is before you begin construction will help you select the right materials.
  • Visual Appeal: Goodnick reminds people to look at the structure, design, and materials their homes are made of and try to find rocks or other building materials that complement them.
  • Environmental Impact: When you have the choice, choose natural or recycled materials. Even small eco-friendly decisions can make a big difference.

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