Retaining Wall Types

Used for more than just to support a garden or encompass a path, retaining walls can also be an aesthetic addition to your property. Retaining walls not only border paths throughout your yard, allowing you to travel through nature physically, but also visual paths that lead the viewers eye through the landscape. Retaining walls can be used a number of different ways throughout your Indiana yard. Here are some of the most popular types of retaining walls we build:

Types of Retaining Walls:

  • Curved retaining walls: Curved retaining walls and landscape edging can meander around your yard, leading you around each flowerbed as you enjoy a morning stroll in the backyard.
  • Terrace stone retaining walls: Can be used in the front or back yard. Terrace stone retaining walls break the terrace into sections for tress and plants, creating a three-dimensional slope.
  • Long stone retaining wall: Build a long stone retaining wall as the backdrop for a flagstone paving stones path. Be sure to keep space between path and the wall and use this area to fill with plants above and below the wall for a more natural look.
  • Seating wall: Retaining walls work perfectly when combined with a flat top to create a seating wall. Add night lighting to your seat wall around a patio and create a perfect campfire ambiance.
  • Natural rock retaining wall: If your backyard has a steep slope or your house sits on a hill, build up the side in an “organized, chaos” fashion with wall stone for a natural and rustic effect.
  • Accent retaining walls: Use a stone for a wall that is constructed as a circle or oval around a section of trees or tall shrubs in order to accent those. This can also be used as a confortable sitting area.
  • Wall boarder: Add privacy to your yard by surrounding it with a wall boarder and large plants. Retaining walls make a great boarder around your yard. You can even use them as the front of a large pant/garden border.

Before you build a new retaining wall to accent an area on your property contact the experts at Garrity Stone Inc., in Indiana. Believing that we can’t improve upon nature, all of the stone and flagstone we use is natural. When building retaining walls, Garrity Stone recommends limestone, sandstone, and granite. Within these categories you can choose from a number of different wall stones. At Garrity Stone, we’ll leave no stone unturned to help you get started on your next Indiana retaining wall project. Contact us at 317-546-0893 or stop by our convenient location in northeast Indianapolis today!