Stay Warm with a Stone Fireplace

What’s the best way to cure the winter chills? Curling up by a beautiful fireplace, of course. If your Indianapolis home already has a fireplace, it might be time to redesign it for an even cozier look. Or perhaps you’ve already hired a contractor to install one. Either way, building a stone fireplace will create the perfect ambiance.

A Stone for Every Style

Stone fireplaces are trendy right now, and the best part is that their timeless appearances won’t go out of style. Contractors often use the following rocks:

Whether your décor style is chic, rustic, modern, or traditional, one of the stones listed above will fit the bill. The variety of shapes, sizes, and colors makes it easy to create the custom look you’ve always wanted. View some stone fireplaces for inspiration before beginning.

More Ideas

In addition to providing warmth and a beautiful glow, a stone hearth can be the focal point of the room. Don’t be afraid to go bold with standout colors or uniquely shaped stones.

Having the stones climb up the wall gives the fireplace some rustic flair. For a more polished look, frame the fireplace with a beautiful mantel instead.

If you want an eclectic feel, mix a few textures, colors, or types of stone. Keeping everything uniform will give the room a more contemporary ambiance.

Where to Buy Rocks

If you live near Indianapolis, Garrity Stone, Inc. has a large selection of beautiful stones. We’re a family-owned and –operated business that has been serving Indy for over 60 years. Whether you’re looking for river rock or for Indiana limestone, our professionals are happy to help. Contact us at 317-546-0893 to make an order or to schedule a delivery. We look forward to serving you at