Stepping Stones

Are you searching for a signature look for your Indiana yard or garden? Stone steps aren’t only stylish, but they are a practical addition to any landscape as well. If your yard is lacking that extra aesthetic touch, why not mix it up with some stone steps?

Whether you just want a natural rock accent or need slabs for a more practical purpose, natural stone slabs, like those offered at Garrity Stone, are very versatile.

Sloped yards and gardens in Indiana can make for difficult terrain. Walking up and down a hilly landscape can not only make you sweat, but could wear down on your joints and cause damage.

Adding a stone walkway to a sloped garden can make tending to tasks such as weeding, tilling, and planting much easier and more enjoyable. A stone walkway could also add to the aesthetic appeal of the garden, giving the area more structure for the layout of flowers or vegetables.

Creating stone steps out of limestone slabs to aid in traversing your sloped Indiana yard can add both architectural intrigue and accessibility to your lawn.

The pros at Garrity Stone recommend using material native to Indiana when constructing your stone steps or walkway. Limestone has been a major part of Hoosier ecology and economy for centuries and makes for a great building material.

Garrity Stone also provides other materials necessary for this kind of project, including gator dust and gravel. If you’re looking to add a walkway or stone steps to your sloped or hilly Indiana yard, contact the experts at Garrity Stone at (317) 546-0893 and let them help make your landscaping rock dreams come true.