Stone Delivery to Your Door!

You want to choose just the right wall stone for your retaining wall or the perfect stone pavers for your outdoor patio. You’ve searched high and low for quality stone products, and your research has brought you to Garrity Stone, Inc. in Indianapolis.

But all you have is a small, compact car. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to fit a pallet of wall stone in the back trunk of your Honda Civic. So just how are you transporting your new stones to your Indiana home?

Don’t stress—and don’t settle for sub-par stone products. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we offer statewide delivery on all our stone products except for boulders and gravel products. Don’t mess with renting a truck or doing the backbreaking work yourself. Instead, contact Garrity Stone, Inc. to arrange for us us to deliver your stove pavers or other products.

We can deliver your stone products anywhere in the state of Indiana. All you have to do is give us a call to order your product and get a delivery quote. Our delivery rates are based on where you live and the type of products you order.

Garrity Stone, Inc. prides itself in having quality stone products and the best in customer service. Our delivery service is just a small part of how we take care of our Indiana customers—as evidenced by our family-owned business serving Indianapolis residents for 50 years. Contact us today at 317-546-0893 for the best stone products in Indiana.