Update Your Fireplace with Natural Stone

As I sat warming my toes, enjoying my book, and listening to the crackle of the fire this evening, I may have let out a sigh or two. It’s only January, and it already feels as though we all need winter to be over. Unfortunately, it looks as though Mother Nature still has plenty of chilly weather in store for us here in Indiana. The plus side of a long winter is that it’s still fireplace season! But, if the state of your hearth makes you cringe every time you put another log on the fire, it might be time to talk to our team at Garrity Stone, Inc. We have the perfect natural stone products to suit every home and every project.

Natural Stone Fireplace IN

Choosing the Right Natural Stone

In addition to looking great and complementing your home’s décor, natural stone for your hearth needs to be durable and heat resistant. When selecting rock and stone materials, it is important to let our experts know what it will be used for so we can direct you to the best selection for your project.

Your stone selection will ultimately come down to whether you are looking for a traditional, modern, classic, or rustic look. Our helpful staff can help you pinpoint exactly what you want on our 4-acre lot.

Some great natural stone options to update your hearth include:

The professionals at Garrity Stone can help you choose the right materials for your stone hearth or any other stone project inside or out. Come see the stone for yourself at our convenient Indianapolis location, or contact us at (317) 546-0893 for a quote and to arrange for delivery in the Fishers or Indianapolis areas. We’ll have your fireplace looking amazing and your cozy fire roaring again in no time!

Now, where did I put my reading glasses?

Photo credit: public domain via pixabay