What Type of Stone Is Best for Your Upcoming Home Project?

Natural stone is a great choice for many types of home improvement projects, but not all natural stone is the same. Garrity Stone, Inc. is the top Indianapolis supplier of landscaping rocks and other stone materials, and we will help you understand how stone can make the outdoor space around your home shine. Let’s take a look at some different types of stone and what projects they are best suited for as you work to improve your landscaping.

natural stone and outdoor living space


Flagstone pavers are one of the most durable stones with a unique aesthetic appeal, and this makes them the perfect choice for a patio. Stronger than concrete, flagstone tolerates temperature fluctuations without cracking, and it often survives earthquakes intact. It’s also a beautiful backdrop to a retaining wall, waterfall, or granite fireplace. Other potential projects include walkways, stepping stones, ponds, signs, and outdoor countertops.


Indigenous to Indiana, limestone adds a classic touch to any outdoor project. The limestone inventory at Garrity Stone also includes smaller pieces that are appropriate for a variety of projects, and work well with other types of stone including flagstone and boulders. The stone is available in a rock-faced finish or a smooth-faced finish. You can use limestone for windowsills, wall coping, bar tops, grill tops, post caps, steps, and many other projects.


We stock boulders in virtually all sizes and colors to either stand alone in your landscape, or to be used in conjunction with a retaining wall, water garden, or stone patio. Ledge rock is a popular addition to gardens and pathways and adds a rustic charm to any landscape. Sandstone can be drilled and formed into a natural fountain for your garden. Brassfield boulders are perfect for engraving to make a sign for your business or home, and granite makes a dramatic outdoor fireplace or fire pit.


We provide aggregate products such as gravel, river rock, and sand for your residential or commercial projects. Gravel can be used as a patio base, to improve drainage issues, or even as an alternative to grass. River rock comes in various colors and can serve as an accent around a boulder or retaining wall, or could make a winding path through a garden. Our high-quality double-washed sand could be used in sandboxes or for masonry projects.

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