Build a Stone Fire Pit for Year-Round Enjoyment

Are you looking for ways to extend your outdoor time in your Indianapolis-area backyard? Building a stone fire pit or fireplace gives you warmth, light, and a cozy gathering place to enjoy evenings with family and friends all year long. With natural stone materials from Garrity Stone, Inc., you can build the perfect focal point for your yard.

Stone Fire Pit

Before you crack out the lawn chairs and the fixings for the s’mores, consider these five tips for building a stone fire pit.

  1. DIY or hire a contractor? If you have the time and energy, a basic fire pit could definitely be done as a do-it-yourself project. However, if you aren’t able to take on a DIY project or if you decide to build a more intricate hearth or fireplace, calling in an experienced contractor may be the best route.
  2. Site selection. Choose a flat, open space, far enough from your home and other structures, overhangs, and trees. You may want to incorporate your new structure into your existing flagstone patio or outdoor living space.
  3. Design selection. There are plenty of online resources that will offer step-by-step instructions and guidelines. Choose one that suits your personal aesthetic and complements your home and current landscaping.
  4. The right stone materials. You will need gravel for the base – some people use both gravel and sand – plus paving stones that are angled on the sides to create a ring. If you aren’t sure of the exact amount of stone required, a visit to Garrity Stone’s 4-acre lot and a chat with one of our experts is all it takes.
  5. Safety first. Before starting your project, check with your local officials and homeowners’ association to ensure you are meeting local safety codes and have the proper permits if they are required.

Whether you’re building a fire pit, a flagstone patio, a retaining wall, or you need some large boulders for landscaping impact, Garrity Stone has just what you need. To learn more about our stone materials or to place an order and arrange for pickup or delivery, contact us at (317) 546-0893. We are based in Indianapolis, deliver throughout Indiana, and we can even arrange for out-of-state transport.