3 Residential Uses for Flagstone

Flagstone Retaining WallAt Garrity Stone, Inc., one of our most popular materials is flagstone. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is also known for its durability and for withstanding Indiana’s changing seasons. But just how can you use flagstone at your home? Consider these three common residential uses.

1. Patio pavers

Due to its durability, many homeowners select flagstone to create the perfect outdoor patio. This type of paver is known for adjusting to the changing seasons and being able to hold up under tremendous pressure. Therefore, when you use flagstone for your patio, you’re making an investment in an outdoor living space that will last—and look great doing it.

2. Fireplace stone

Many people like to bring flagstone indoors to create a unique stone fireplace. Whether you pair it with granite or use it on its own, flagstone is beautiful and adds an earthy, cozy element to any indoor space.

3. Walkways

Do you want to create a cute path through your garden or from your home to the kids’ treehouse? Flagstone pavers make great stones for a walking path. They come in many shapes and sizes, and as we’ve mentioned before, they’re really great at standing the test of time and harsh weather.

You can find countless ways to use flagstone in your Indiana home, but be sure you purchase quality stone products to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal. At Garrity Stone, we make sure all our stone products are the very best. When you buy your stones or rock materials from us, you know your home project will be better for it.

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photo credit: Public Domain via pixabay