Get Stone Delivered For Your Final Improvements of the Season

Have you had a busy spring and summer season working on your outside projects? Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to be productive in and around your yard, getting it exactly as you want. Garrity Stone, Inc. can supply the all-natural stone products you need to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your outside space. To make things easier for you, we offer delivery services throughout the state of Indiana and can even arrange for out-of-state transport. Here are some stone options for improvement projects you still have time to complete this summer.

Natural Stone

Flagstone Projects

Are you finally getting that outdoor kitchen installed? Or, perhaps you want to connect some hardscaping elements around your property with walkways, install a new patio, or spruce up your pond with some stone? Flagstone is a versatile and appealing stone that comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes. It can tolerate significant temperature fluctuations as one of the most durable stones.

Boulder Projects

With their commanding presence, boulders are seen as the statement pieces in the world of stone. Garrity Stone, Inc. offers an impressive assortment of boulders, ranging from five pounds to two tons. You can choose various colors to complement your patio, water garden, retaining wall, and more. Our customers know they can trust the ones who have advised and supplied stone to homeowners since 1964 to help them make the right choice.

Retaining Wall Projects 

Retaining walls provide an effective solution for a sloped yard and add a lovely addition to your garden. We’ve got all the stone you could need for your retaining wall, so you can create a beautiful cottage garden, help the drainage around your property, or make the most of all your land for farming. You could even complement your retaining wall with stone steps to make your yard more accessible.

Schedule Your Delivery Today

Browse Garrity Stone’s four acres of natural stone, and let us help you select what you need to make your outdoor vision a reality. Most of our products are palletized and ready to be delivered and incorporated into your next outdoor project. Contact us today at (317) 546-0893 to learn more about us or schedule a delivery time for your stone. We serve Indianapolis and Fishers, Indiana, along with the surrounding communities.