If you thought spring cleaning was only for inside your home, you were mistaken! Not only is this a great time to organize inside, it is also the perfect time of year to update the outside of your home. This doesn’t just mean clean out the gutters and garage, there are also several things to be done landscaping wise. We have a checklist of things you can do outside to get your yard ready for the upcoming warm months.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Check List

  • Mow the lawn: Cutting the grass in both the front and back yard give it a clean fresh look. Also take this time to remove garden clippings, branches and street sand from your yard.
  • Bring out the summer gear: Bring out and set up outdoor garden furniture, give it a wash with mild soapy water and let it dry in the sun. Clean and set up the grill, have propane tanks filled or change the briquettes.
  • Add landscaping rocks: Landscape boulders and landscaping rock add character to your home, giving your yard an aesthetically pleasing and homey feel.
  • Clean up your garden: Turn the soil in your garden beds; add soil amendments such as compost to improve your soil. Weed out unwanted plants that have grown over the past months.
  • Plan your garden: Will you be planting new shrubs, dividing your favorite perennials or seeding annuals for bursts of color? Will you dedicate an area of your yard to growing your own vegetables or herbs? Do some planning before you head to the local greenhouse to pick up your plants and seeds and you will save time and money. You can even create a unique pathway through your garden using flagstone paving stones.
  • Insect Check: This time of the year if when we begin to notice the creepy-crawlers in our home and outside. This is the perfect time to do an insect/pest check around the yard and perimeter of the house to ensure they don’t make it in.

Spring landscaping brightens up the outside of your home and makes it the perfect place for you, your friends and family to enjoy the warm summer months. Not only can you clean up your current yard, you can improve it by adding landscaping rocks and landscape boulders by calling Garrity Stone Inc.  We provide landscaping rocks to clients in Indiana, southern Michigan, and Ohio. Contact us at 317-546-0893 for more information or visit our convenient location in northeast Indianapolis to peruse our selection of landscape boulders, flagstone paving stones, slabs, and limestone.