5 Things You Can Do With Gravel Around Your Home

It finally feels like summer is here and everyone is out working in their yards! Garrity Stone, Inc. is your natural stone supplier for all of your summer landscaping projects. We continue to work through supply chain challenges and shortages to bring our customers the quality stone products they have come to expect from us. In the last article we discussed some ideas for the use of natural stone in your landscaping, and now here are five things you can do with gravel around the outside of your home.

Landscaping uses for gravel

1. Gravel Driveway

Whether you already have a gravel driveway that needs a refresh or you want to create a driveway where there isn’t one, gravel is a great choice. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we will make sure you have everything you need for your project.

2. Water Feature

River rock is naturally found in streambeds or on beaches. That makes river rock the perfect choice to complement your water feature. The rocks are various colors and make a great accent, especially when paired with a landscaping boulder.

3. Drainage Control

Gravel can help improve drainage around the outside of your house. Since water moves through gravel much quicker than it moves through soil and most other materials, the excess water will be able to dry out rather than pool. You will see fewer puddles formed on gravel than on top of the soil.

4. Garden Walkway

River rock can make a beautiful winding path through your garden. Gravel walkways are more budget-friendly than other materials and have been used in formal gardens throughout history. Not to mention, they are easy to install yourself.

5. Grass Substitute  

If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, then you can actually use gravel as a substitute for grass. Gravel is easier to manage than grass and is also a great alternative for people who don’t like to use any chemicals around their house.

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