Prepare Your Outdoor Space For Winter with Gravel

The fall season is winding down, making way for much colder days ahead. You might be ready to nestle your lawn and garden equipment into hibernation for the year, but there are some things you can do to keep your property looking nice and functioning well long after your garden is done. Garrity Stone, Inc. can provide the natural stone products you need to get your outdoor spaces ready for the cold season, as we have done for almost 60 years. Follow along as we go over some ways you can use our gravel and aggregates to prepare your outdoor space for winter.

Gravel and aggregates

Fill in Gravel Driveway and Pathways

Late fall is a good time to ensure your gravel driveway and pathways are ready for the winter. Gravel is known for providing the traction you need to navigate your property by car or foot and can help prevent falls when things are covered in ice and snow. This will allow for more secure movement that would be hazardous on a smooth surface. 

Prevent Ice Buildup with Gravel

Use gravel strategically in places susceptible to ice buildup to help avoid slippery surfaces. With gravel, you won’t need a lot of salt or chemicals to melt the ice. The gravel can absorb excess water and prevent ice from forming. 

Protect Landscaping with Gravel

Did you know that gravel can help protect your landscaping in the winter? You can use it as a winter mulch on your soil surfaces to protect them from rain and snow. It will keep your soil’s moisture levels where they should be so that your plants stay healthy in the winter. 

Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Gravel

While gravel is a practical solution, it can also enhance the look of your outdoor space. We have countless options for aggregate products in different sizes, shapes, and colors that coordinate well with your wintry landscape. 

Choose Your Stone Today

At Garrity Stone, we will not only make sure you get the right stone for the job but will advise what we believe to be in your best interest. Contact us today at (317) 546-0893 to learn more about us or schedule a stone delivery. You can use our website’s convenient aggregate coverage calculator to determine the amount you will need for your project. We serve Indianapolis and Fishers, Indiana, along with the surrounding communities.