4 Natural Stone Projects That Instantly Improve Your Home’s Value

Natural stone is beautiful, durable, and timeless. For those reasons, natural stone also significantly increases the value of your home. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we’ve been helping Indianapolis-area residents improve the look and value of their homes since 1964. Instantly boost your home’s value with one of the following four natural stone features.

Retaining Wall and Stone Steps

1. Install a Wide Stone Walk to the Front Door

Spacious sidewalks are a wonderful welcome mat for your guests. At Garrity Stone, we offer a variety of products that are perfect for stone walkways. Many homeowners prefer to use snap stone steps to create a uniform, stately walkway. Others like the look of stone slabs. Irregularly shaped stone slabs come in a variety of colors and sizes. Slab walkways are cut and pieced together like a puzzle, resulting in a rustic look.

2. Add Limestone Details

Limestone is extremely versatile and adds tremendous value to the home.  Consequently, it is used to create walkways, steps, wall coping, bar and grill tops, mantels, keystones, windowsills, headers, and more. Our limestone is available in rock-faced and smooth-faced finish. 

3. Create a Patio

Add a room to your house by creating a patio!  Adding a patio creates a gathering place for guests or a quiet oasis for enjoying the outdoors. Flagstone is a popular choice for patios because of its durability. Additionally, flagstone comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

4. Build a Low Stone Wall

Retaining walls are commonly used to remedy drainage problems and create flat areas on sloped landscapes. Oftentimes homeowners add low retaining walls around the patio to create privacy. Others use them to create a flat spot for landscaping and walkways. We build retaining walls for local residents out of limestone, sandstone, or granite. 

Bring Your Ideas

The Garrity Stone employees are natural stone specialists.  We are dedicated to helping residents find the perfect product for their project. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll help bring them to life! Contact us at (317) 546-0893 for a free estimate.  Yield major rewards with a simple improvement to your home’s landscaping.