Build Your Retaining Wall Before Winter Sets In

Retaining walls provide many advantages for your home and property, but you may not realize that late fall to early winter is a great time to install one. Garrity Stone, Inc. can recommend the perfect material for your next retaining wall project, or you can come by and look around our four-acre lot filled with natural stone products. We stock many types of stone that will shore up loose or eroding soil, helping the functionality of your yard and landscaping. Let’s take a look at why you should install a retaining wall on your property now.

Retaining Wall

You Don’t Have to Wait to Install a Retaining Wall

Late fall or early winter is an ideal time to build your retaining wall so that you can protect your landscaping and property throughout the winter. When you construct a retaining wall, along with a proper drainage system, you can prevent soil erosion and water damage. The winter season sees a lot of snow and rain that freezes, melts, and refreezes. A retaining wall can protect your home from this constant cycle that can wreak havoc on your foundation. 

Pick Out Your Retaining Wall Stone Today

Some people choose to construct a retaining wall purely for aesthetics, while many need them as a functional part of their landscaping. Whatever your reason for adding one to your property, we have many stone options that are already palletized and ready for pickup or delivery. If you have an idea for your retaining wall, we will let you know if it makes sense and if there’s a cheaper alternative available. We can even recommend a contractor to turn your retaining wall idea into a reality.

Trust Garrity Stone for Your Retaining Wall Needs

At Garrity Stone, our top priority of earning the trust of our customers has remained unchanged since 1964. Whether you want a limestone mantel for your fireplace this winter or are planning a flagstone patio next spring, we can provide you with the supplies you need for your project. Contact us today at (317) 546-0893 to learn more about us or schedule a delivery time for your stone. We serve Indianapolis and Fishers, Indiana, along with the surrounding communities.