How to Choose the Right Pavers

You’re ready to turn your outdoor area into a haven, a place to relax after a long day or to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer Indiana months. You’ve been planning your patio area in your mind, and you’ve had your eye on pavers. However, the more you do your research, the more you realize that not all pavers are alike. Well, before you purchase your supplies, let our team here at Garrity Stone, Inc. pass along a few pro … Continued

3 At-Home Uses for Boulders

You’ve been eyeing those large boulders at Garrity Stone, Inc. of Indianapolis, and you want to find a way to incorporate them into your existing landscaping. However, you’re a little at a loss on how to do that. Let us help you out. Here are a few ways you can utilize our high-quality boulders to enhance your Indy home. 1. Rock Garden You like to look at these unique rocks, so why not make them a permanent part of your … Continued

Stone Delivery to Your Door!

You want to choose just the right wall stone for your retaining wall or the perfect stone pavers for your outdoor patio. You’ve searched high and low for quality stone products, and your research has brought you to Garrity Stone, Inc. in Indianapolis. But all you have is a small, compact car. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to fit a pallet of wall stone in the back trunk of your Honda Civic. So just how are you transporting your new … Continued