Add the Finishing Touches to Your Landscaping with Natural Stone

Landscaping has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal. A mix of well-manicured softscaping and hardscaping adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the home. New to hardscaping? Not to worry. The experts at Garrity Stone, Inc. will gladly share their expertise to help you find the right stone materials to incorporate into your home’s landscaping.

How to Prepare Your Gravel Driveway for Winter

Now is the time to prepare your gravel driveway for winter. Garrity Stone, Inc. is your go-to source for gravel and other aggregate products. We offer aggregates of all shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect product to fill in your driveway, walkways, and around landscaping fixtures. Don’t let your driveway turn into a rutted, muddy mess this winter; instead, call Garrity Stone and get your gravel delivered today.

The Beginner’s Guide to Hardscaping

Most homeowners think about their landscaping in terms of flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass (i.e. softscape). But did you know that hardscaping is equally as important for creating definition and organization for your landscape? At Garrity Stone, Inc. in Fishers, IN, we offer four acres of natural stone materials that are ideal for all kinds of hardscaping. Stop by our lot, and we’ll help you find the right stone product for your next hardscaping project.

Restoring Your Gravel Driveway

If you’ve ever had a gravel driveway, you know that Indiana winters can cause mass destruction. Snow plows take off with your stone, pushing it into your lawn or down the road. Snow and ice can build up and then melt away or even flood, carrying your gravel with it. Your vehicle creates wheel ruts, making your driveway uneven and rough.

Maintaining Your Gravel Driveway

Keeping your gravel driveway in tip-top shape can sometimes take a back seat to other outdoor home improvement projects. However, without proper care and attention, a gravel driveway can soon be filled with potholes, have uneven gravel rock, and cause drainage issues. Allow Garrity Stone, Inc. of Indianapolis to give you a few tips for maintaining your gravel driveway.

How to Build a Summer Sandbox

Flowers are blooming in Indy, the warm weather has come to stay, and home improvement season is officially upon us! While your to-do list is likely full of projects, why not start by giving the kids a treat they’ll enjoy all summer? Bring a slice of beach fun home by building a custom-made sandbox.