Create a Gravel Garden

Don’t have the green thumb you need to cultivate lush flower beds? Perhaps you’re thinking, “Forget about lush. I’d settle for living.” A gravel garden is the simple solution to these rocky situations.

How to Construct a Striking Stone Fire Pit

Many of my favorite fall memories revolve around fire pits. Cooking s’mores, roasting brats (yes, many of the memories are food related), and chatting with family and friends underneath the stars are just a few of them. If you live in Indy, you don’t have to wait for your next camping trip to have a bonfire. Building a stone fire pit in your backyard is an easy do-it-yourself project, and you’ll reap the benefits of it all year. Follow these … Continued

Pathways Upgrade Outdoor Ambiance

If you want to transform your Indiana yard from mediocre to marvelous, building pathways is the perfect place to start. Outdoor paths create interest and structure in any lawn. People are naturally curious about where paths go. Whether you have a pathway that leads to a simple backyard bench or to a hidden-garden sanctuary, the trail invites family and guests to explore the yard. Moreover, pathways informally add structure. They connect elements in your yard (the deck to the trellis, … Continued

Gravel Driveways

When you imagine a gravel road, you’re probably picturing a run-down road through the country—the type of road that’s hard on your car and unpleasantly dusty. It might be surprising to you, then, that gravel driveways are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. The rustic look of a gravel driveway can add to your home’s appeal, and this material can be much easier to install and maintain. In this post, we’ve listed a few things to consider if you’re … Continued

Protecting Your Riverbanks

Anyone who lives near a river knows how delightful it is to listen to the water flowing past your windows every day. However, river living can also be dangerous—heavy rains can bring floods and riverbanks can collapse. If your house is near a river, a retaining wall may be a wise investment.

DIY: How To Build A Backyard Fire Pit

If you are looking for a fun end-of-summer project to spice up your yard, why not build yourself a backyard fire pit? Not only does it act as a focal point for your landscape, it also adds new outdoor activities your family can enjoy such as roasting marshmallows or singing campfire songs. This DIY project can easily be completed over a weekend with some basic tools and help from the experts at Garrity Stone Inc.

Gravel Fire Ring

Nothing says summer quite like the smell of marshmallows roasting over a bonfire. A fun gathering spot for cooler Indianapolis summer nights, a bonfire can be the perfect addition to your backyard. Using quality stone products from Garrity Stone, you can create a fireproof location for your bonfire. This tutorial will explain how to build a fire pit in one weekend and just in time for summer.