Spice Up Your Yard

If your yard is far from the latest cover of your favorite gardening magazine, don’t worry, you can change things for the better. Even though landscaping remodels can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, it is one that you can accomplish. Adding a garden to your yard is a great way to spice up any area, making it more lively and aesthetically pleasing. 

Add a Garden

  • Location: It is important to consider where your garden will be and whether that area gets more sun or shade. Some plants thrive in shade, while others require sun, so you need to know what the conditions are in each area, if you plan on planting a garden. Research and purchase plants that will thrive in your yard’s conditions.
  • Soil: Figure out what kind of soil you have so that you know what kind of plants you can grow. The three main types of soil are clay, loamy, and sandy. Loamy is the ideal because it is the perfect medium for growing many types of fruits and vegetables. However, both clay and sandy soils can be amended so that you can still have a successful garden. Compost will improve both of these soils. It will loosen the clay soil so that it drains properly, and it will help retain the moisture that would otherwise drain right through sandy soils.
  • Landscaping Rocks: Surround this area with landscaping rocks. Stone slabs are a versatile stone that serve many purposes in landscape design. They make for beautiful steps through a garden, yard or other flat terrain. Designers can also take a hilly area and create beautiful terraced gardens with stone slabs. This dramatically changes the landscape, hewing a garden oasis out of otherwise unusable land. Adding a retaining wall, sitting wall or knee wall to your property is another way to add a classic touch to your property.
  • Variety: Include your favorites and try out some new varieties. Be sure to plant your favorite flowers and then always try something new. That way you’ll inject some variety into your landscaping instead of having the exact same thing year after year.

If you are looking to spice up your yard by adding a garden, contact Garrity Stone. Whether you need stone for a wall, paving stones for a patio, or spectacular landscape boulders to accent your garden, we can help you find the exact masonry materials for your project. We offer services to residential, commercial, municipal, and wholesale clients in Indiana, southern Michigan, and Ohio. Contact us at 317-546-0893 or stop by our convenient Indianapolis location to browse through our large selection of landscaping rocks.