Update Your Fireplace with Natural Stone

As I sat warming my toes, enjoying my book, and listening to the crackle of the fire this evening, I may have let out a sigh or two. It’s only January, and it already feels as though we all need winter to be over. Unfortunately, it looks as though Mother Nature still has plenty of chilly weather in store for us here in Indiana. The plus side of a long winter is that it’s still fireplace season! But, if the … Continued

Update Your Hearth with Natural Stone

It’s fireplace season in Central Indiana. With cooler temperatures, many of our customers love the option of making a fire to create a cozy atmosphere (and minimize heating costs). The smell of burning wood, the crackling sounds, and the radiating heat warm both the body and the soul. However, as you’ve been throwing logs on the fire, you realize your hearth has seen better days. It’s looking a little old, worn, and outdated, and you’re wondering how you can make your … Continued

3 Residential Uses for Flagstone

At Garrity Stone, Inc., one of our most popular materials is flagstone. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is also known for its durability and for withstanding Indiana’s changing seasons. But just how can you use flagstone at your home? Consider these three common residential uses.

Transform Your Fireplace

We love when the air turns cool, because that means the beginning of fire pits, the holiday season, and—of course—logs burning in the fireplace. However, before lighting that first fire of the year, Garrity Stone, Inc. encourages you to make sure your fireplace is in good working order inside and out.

Refacing your Fireplace

Many people desire a beautiful, custom stone fireplace when buying a home. However, homebuyers often struggle to look past a dated fireplace design. But did you know that many fireplaces can be refaced? Refacing a fireplace can be a simple way to change the cosmetic appearance of your space. Garrity Stone, Inc. of Indianapolis gives you a few tips on refacing your fireplace.