The Beginner’s Guide to Hardscaping

Most homeowners think about their landscaping in terms of flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass (i.e. softscape). But did you know that hardscaping is equally as important for creating definition and organization for your landscape? At Garrity Stone, Inc. in Fishers, IN, we offer four acres of natural stone materials that are ideal for all kinds of hardscaping. Stop by our lot, and we’ll help you find the right stone product for your next hardscaping project.

Update Your Fireplace with Natural Stone

As I sat warming my toes, enjoying my book, and listening to the crackle of the fire this evening, I may have let out a sigh or two. It’s only January, and it already feels as though we all need winter to be over. Unfortunately, it looks as though Mother Nature still has plenty of chilly weather in store for us here in Indiana. The plus side of a long winter is that it’s still fireplace season! But, if the … Continued

Top 3 Outdoor Uses for Limestone

You like the look of limestone, but you’re trying to determine how to best incorporate it into your outdoor space. At Garrity Stone, Inc., we get many people who ask about our selection of quality limestone. Over the years, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite ways we’ve seen customers use limestone at their Indianapolis homes.

Transform Your Fireplace

We love when the air turns cool, because that means the beginning of fire pits, the holiday season, and—of course—logs burning in the fireplace. However, before lighting that first fire of the year, Garrity Stone, Inc. encourages you to make sure your fireplace is in good working order inside and out.

5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

Do you dream of Indiana summer nights grilling with friends on your back patio? Then an outdoor kitchen may be just what you need to create a homey outdoor space that’s also functional when it’s time to grill. We at Garrity Stone, Inc. want to pass along these few tips for making your backyard into a BBQ paradise.